Conditions of participation

 N O Ž E  2016 "

XXV. international sales exhibition of  knives and cold weapons


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" N O Ž E  2016 "

XXV. international sales exhibition of  knives and cold weapons


Conditions of participation


  1. The exhibition is going on at 10th and 11th September 2016 in Palace of culture in Příbram, on Saturday from 8.00 to 18.00 and on Sunday from 9.00 to 12.00.


2.      Obligation of every participant is to have prepared objects on the table every day a quarter-hour before the start of exhibition and stay at place till the end of exhibition. The organizer has the right to toll an exhibition security (finance amount) after his deliberation. The deliberation is going to give back after the end of exhibition. At precocious leaving from the exhibition or at late arrival to exhibition, this finance amount is going to fall for organizers. At late arrival of participant more than one hour delayed, it is not an obligation of organizer to make posibble to exposure on exhibition.


  1. Minimal count of exhibited or sales goods are 5 pieces.


  1. The tables are going to be instrumental to exposures and sales. The place of table is possible to set up as necessary.


  1. Two chairs appertain to every table automatically.


  1. For the producer is subscriber amount a table (80 cm x 80 cm):

900,- Kč - for exposure and sales

450,- Kč - only for exposure

500,- Kč - at stand sales in the open air without regard to area

          - one free table by the demostration of ornamentation or proces of production for this activities,

          - it is possible to have the free area by the locking of supporting program, incl. activities of smithery


7.      The sale of foreign goods on tables of producers is possible only after special agreed conditions.


  1. The sellers can be participants of exhibition only rarely, in terms of organizer’s choice, whereas exklusive agents have a priority. The exhibition security sets individually, at least 1000,- Kč a table (80 cm x 80 cm).


9.      The participants of foreign countries can pay this exhibition security to exhibition after request.


  1. During the exposure ist every participant responsible for own exhibits and for own other properties and he is obliged to comply with valid laws of Czech republic.


  1. The showed wares must be marked visibly with price ticket, eventually with price tiket „Neprodejné / Unverkaufbar / Unsaleable“.


  1. Except the exposure and sale of handcrafted and faktory-built knives, cold weapons und armour it is possible to sell and exposure only material, semifinished goods, tools and instruments (necessary for production of knives and cold weapons), leather accessories, videotapes, magasins, literature, art and other objects, related with content of theme of exhibition, incl. antiquarian and collector’s pieces.


  1. Closing date for application is at 31th july 2016. Later application is possible after negociation with organizers, whereas the same conditions are not guaranteed as till appointed day.


  1. Exhibiting gives approval to photographs taken or provided by the organizer of the exhibition organizers of the exhibition were used without restrictions as necessary the organizer of the exhibition.



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